Cat breed of the week (Persian Cats)

Cat Breed of the week

Persian Cats

Origin: Iran (Persia)

Weight: 3.5 Kg (female) 5.5 Kg (male)

live Span: 10-18 Years


(Social, Non vocal)

The Persian is a delightfully dignified cat that is gentle, kind and extremely affectionate. These are kind, quiet animals. When they do vocalize, they have a melodious, pleasant, non-abrasive meow. Despite their mellow temperaments, Persians are not particularly shy. Indeed, some can be quite independent and rather saucy in disposition. Persians enjoy playtime and form very close bonds with their owners. They can thrive in almost any type of environment, as long as they are given plenty of attention . Persians crave – and need – human companionship. They do not do well if they are left alone for long periods of time. Persians typically get along well with other household pets, including dogs and other cats. They also tend to be patient with children.

Activity Level


Like most cats, Persians can be quite playful.” However, this is not an especially active or demanding breed. Persians are not inclined to leap, jump or climb, probably due to their calm dispositions and their short, stubby, square physiques. Although they love interacting with people, Persians are quite able to amuse themselves. Most of the time, this involves napping in a warm, comfortable spot, rather than engaging in an activity that requires any effort or exertion.

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