Cat breed of the week (Siberian Cats)

Cat breed of the week

Siberian Cat

Origin: Russia

Weight: 4.5-6.8 Kg (female) 6.8-9.1 Kg (male)

live Span: 10-20 Years



Siberian cats are considered to be quite intelligent. They are loyal, outgoing, playful, affectionate and sociable, making the breed a good choice for those who think that they are so-called “dog people” rather than “cat people.” Many a devout dog-lover has succumbed to the zany, charming ways of the Siberian cat.

Activity Level

(Very Active)

Siberians are known to be exceptionally active and athletic. They can jump great distances and leap to great heights with no apparent effort. They have been described as having a talent to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Despite this skill, their agility and grace usually helps them to avoid demolishing fragile household décor during their zooming romps. Still, this is not a cat to leave unattended in a room with priceless breakable possessions on the mantle or coffee table.

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