Buying a kitten

1. Choose a kind of cat you like

2. Find a place to buy a kitten

3. Look if the kittens coat is shiny

4. Check if the kittens eyes are clean and bright

5. Check if the kittens ears are clean and dry with no wax

6. Look if the kittens gums are pink

7. Ask if the kittens are socialized ( Kittens that are socialized make much nicer pets than kittens that are not socialized.

A healthy kitten is a play full kitten

Bringing your kitten home

At last a kitten in the house

Keep your house quite when you bring her home so that she can get use to her new home and owner.Put her in a room were all her toys and bed are she will be staing for a while in the room so leave the door slightly open for her to explore. If she wakes you up at night just comfort her until she falls asleep. She will learn fast and easly if you make her feel at home. When she has settled in let her meet the rest of the your  family. Enjoy your new kitten and take good care of her.


Don’t let your kitten eat flies and spiders. Because it can cause your kitten to loose wait.

Meow me don’t want to be thin!

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