Is your cat coughing up fur balls?

Why is my cat coughing up fur balls?

It is very important to groom your cat to avoid them from coughing up fur balls. Cats especially long-haired cats tend to cough up fur balls. When the cat is licking its body it tends to lick up all the loose hairs on its body add eventually the cat has licked up enough  hair to form a slimy fur ball to put on your couch before you go and sit just to find out you are sitting on a slimy fur ball.

What can I do to avoid my cat coughing  up fur balls?

Will you have quite a variety to give your cat to avoid it from coughing up fur balls.

1.You can give your cat the option to eat cat grass.

Cat  grass helps your cat regurgitate any loose hairs that are stuck in your cats throat.Brush your cat regularly.

2.Brush your cat regularly to get out all your cats loose hairs.

So that your cat has less chance of licking up any loose hairs. Bath your cat regularly.

3.To help any loose hair to fall out.

4.If any of these options do not work ask your vet for advice.


5 thoughts on “Is your cat coughing up fur balls?

  1. I have two short-haired cats, and even though they usually never have hairballs — I try to brush them a few times a week. During the season change they shed a lot, Suki sheds A LOT. Giving her hairballs, so I have to brush her extra. Sad thing is, she hates to be brushed. 😛

    • My cat Tommy loves to be brushed often. I think he sees it as another way to get attention. But then Katie can’t stand a brush if she sees I’m going to brush her she darts out of the house.

  2. Hairballs used to be our life here at the zoo with 5 cats, but it actually is very seasonal. And the recommendations you have a right on. We find that the food they eat has a lot to do with it as well. We add tons of water to their food. That makes a big difference. And the shorthairs seems to have more shed than the longs. Good post – Thanks – DogDaz (Cats2)

    • Cool! Thanks for the comment
      My trio of cats have never had hair balls before!
      I had 2 other cats before I started breeding with Siamese cats Sokkies a cross snow shoe ragdol cat and Stella a Bombay bobtail cross they also had no problem with hairballs. I rote the post for one of my friends she had hairball problems!

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