Cat of the day (Katie)


Hi everyone this is my cat Katie she is a pure bred Chocolate Point Siamese cat. She is now 8 months old and very playful. Just like her father she is crazy about cheese, yes I know cheese is not good for her but she asks so nicely and politely. She is almost my favourite cat out of three . Katie caught her first mouse when she was 8 weeks old (that’s when I decided I’m keeping her).

That’s Katie…..

12 thoughts on “Cat of the day (Katie)

  1. Oh! Isn’t she a pretty one? So glad she’s got a good home. (I’ve got one that loves cheese too…)

      • Ah….you sound like me, I spoil my cat too. I have a snack every night with a glass of milk. We should not give milk to our cats but she has a tiny cup that I put a couple of spoonfuls of milk in along with just a bit of my Oreo cookie.

      • Sweet !
        I love to spoil my cats every morning at breakfast table I will share what ever I’m eating with my cats. Tommy is the boss cat so he gets to sit on my lap Katie and Betsie each have their own “chair”. I think you would freak if you see what my cats come away with(murder). I give each cat a tin of turkey once a week the rest of the week they will eat cheese,cream and of course cat food.
        I LOVE my cats!!

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