That Typical Cat Look

That Typical Cat Look

I often get this angry upset look from my cats, when they don’t get what they want and especially when I tease them.

5 thoughts on “That Typical Cat Look

  1. Petals, my little black cat is relentess when she wants Whiska’s treats. She sit on the floor by my feet and just give me this stare. We laugh because she’ll sit there forever till I give in, she always wins. Thanks for stopping at Boomdeeadda today. 🙂

  2. If my cat still has hope to get what she wants.. then she rather looks like “hey i am a cute cat.. you must give me what I want”… but I know the look from your photo too.. if my cat has no hope that I bend her will.. then she looks on the photo above and I can hear a “gasp through her nose” too in this situation. Thats if she upset 🙂 But still cute 🙂

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