Cat Of The Day (Herkules)



How specaturlar to be cat of the day! Well,  I am a gorgeous tabby with two white gloves and two white socks. And a white bib which I like to keep snowy white. I am half Norwegian Forest Cat and half something else… This shows itself in my strong chin, my woolly pyjamas that I always wear underneath my top coat, and the dovelike sounds I sometimes use when I am very very happy. I love to be no: 1 and if I am not I can be quite sulky. I love food and even enjoy  trying out  exotic new dishes such as tomatoes, apricots and lime curd.  
What else? Well, I am top cat in my house and I love my mom very very much because she understands me totally! She understands that it is MY laptop and not hers….
Must go pff and start writing a new post for my blog so bye!
From: Herkules the magical mystery cat


7 thoughts on “Cat Of The Day (Herkules)

  1. Hi, there! Thanks for visiting my blog today. Thought I’d come over and have a look around. I love all these kitty photos!

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