Dear Old Tommy

Dear Old Tommy

This is my cat Tommy. He is two years old going onto three. He is absolutely crazy about cheese. He demands a piece of cheese every single morning and will sulk if he does not get his daily piece of cheese or more. Tommy is a very social cat, and loves being around especially when there is food on the table. He has about eight kitty lives left after been attacked by a big vicious dog. The dog obviously thought he looked somewhat like brunch. Well Tommy has not learned much because he still befriends everybody that comes his way including dogs.

6 thoughts on “Dear Old Tommy

  1. We had a Siamese named Tommy when I was growing up. What a character he was! We exclusively had Siamese cats until I went to college – they are so unique. Tommy and my tuxedo Archie are on the same page about pouting when they don’t get what they want! Isn’t it great how well they communicate?

    • I have had Siamese cats for about 4 years now. I love them very very much. They all have great characters. I agree it is amazing how well they communicate. -Thanks for your comment!

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