Cat Breeds


Persian Cats

Origin: Iran (Persia)

Weight: 3.5 Kg (female) 5.5 Kg (male)

live Span: 10-18 Years


(Social, Non vocal)

The Persian is a delightfully dignified cat that is gentle, kind and extremely affectionate. These are kind, quiet animals. When they do vocalize, they have a melodious, pleasant, non-abrasive meow. Despite their mellow temperaments, Persians are not particularly shy. Indeed, some can be quite independent and rather saucy in disposition. Persians enjoy playtime and form very close bonds with their owners. They can thrive in almost any type of environment, as long as they are given plenty of attention . Persians crave – and need – human companionship. They do not do well if they are left alone for long periods of time. Persians typically get along well with other household pets, including dogs and other cats. They also tend to be patient with children.

Activity Level


Like most cats, Persians can be quite playful.” However, this is not an especially active or demanding breed. Persians are not inclined to leap, jump or climb, probably due to their calm dispositions and their short, stubby, square physiques. Although they love interacting with people, Persians are quite able to amuse themselves. Most of the time, this involves napping in a warm, comfortable spot, rather than engaging in an activity that requires any effort or exertion.

 Cat Breed Of The Week

Siberian Cat

Origin: Russia

Weight: 4.5-6.8 Kg (female) 6.8-9.1 Kg (male)

live Span: 10-20 Years



Siberian cats are considered to be quite intelligent. They are loyal, outgoing, playful, affectionate and sociable, making the breed a good choice for those who think that they are so-called “dog people” rather than “cat people.” Many a devout dog-lover has succumbed to the zany, charming ways of the Siberian cat.

Activity Level


Siberians are known to be exceptionally active and athletic. They can jump great distances and leap to great heights with no apparent effort. They have been described as having a talent to fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Despite this skill, their agility and grace usually helps them to avoid demolishing fragile household décor during their zooming romps. Still, this is not a cat to leave unattended in a room with priceless breakable possessions on the mantle or coffee table.

Burmese cats

Origin: Burma,Thailand

Weight: 4-6 kg (female and male)

live Span: 10-18 Years



As one of the most sociable and people-oriented of all domestic cat breeds, the Burmese enjoys forming very close bonds with its owners, primary caretakers and other pets in the household. These cats are known for having especially delightful personalities. They are  friendly, kind, gentle and outgoing. Burmese also are usually quite playful.  Burmese can be more vocal than many other domestic feline breeds . Burmese enjoy having conversations with their people, whether in the home or wherever else they may be. This is a highly intelligent, thoughtful breed. Burmese are known to be extremely affectionate, and they love to snuggle and cuddle with their favourite people.

Activity Level


Burmese are moderately active cats, especially when they are kittens. Young Burmese tend to be somewhat clumsy, falling over themselves as they learn about their own agility and strength. However, as they mature, they become extremely athletic and agile. They are by nature an inquisitive breed which, combined with their natural intelligence and curiosity, makes them inclined to explore new areas and situations when given the opportunity. Burmese are unusually heavy for their apparent size, which among some fanciers has given them the name “bricks wrapped in silk.”


6 thoughts on “Cat Breeds

  1. Nice overview of these breeds, but no Siamese? just kidding it’s all good 😉 I’ve been interested in the Siberian as many people claim Siamese and Oriental cats are hypoallergenic, and Siberian cats even more so. Something to do with lower production of the allergenic proteins in their saliva, but of course there is variation between cats and between peoples’ reactions.

    • Sorry, Siamese cats are totally adorable very verbal,active,loyal and social.They live 18-21 years like most cats. You get up to 21 or more different kinds of Siamese Seal point is the original Siamese cat then it is chocolate point which is very close to seal point just lighter so it goes on. The traditional Siamese is totally beautiful round face and slightly larger to other siamese. I have three lovely chocolate point Siamese cats they are aggressive to some strangers but would not hurt me at all.
      Thanks for checking out my site:)

      • I like your site and also took a look at the “My Cats” sections, which is how I found out you had Siamese and joked that you didn’t include them here 🙂 With so many breeds, though, you can’t do all of them!

        I have one seal point who is very loving and playful with us, but super scared of strangers! Wish he wasn’t. Would like to get another Siamese but he won’t tolerate new cats either, just the two we already have: orange tabby and ragdoll mix 🙂

      • I sometimes don’t understand cats some can’t get enough of humans and other just don’t like them. Tommy and Katie will greet everybody that comes into my house where Betsie is very social but she won’t touch someone else but me. Betsie is about three years old and rules over all the other pets including dogs and humans. I have been breeding with Siamese cats for 2 and a half years now, I don’t keep my cats in cages like other breeders, I keep them as normal pets that just pay for their own food 🙂 I really love my cats they are sometimes very very naughty but they know I have a soft spot for them. Like, they will bump a class of the counter and then just start licking their paws as if nothing ever happened. I have always liked rag dolls they are so sweet. I had a Rag doll cross as my first cat he had is morning ritual where he would jump onto the bed with his wet muddy paws purring on his loudest like he is trying to say I missed you all night long.

  2. Hi from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue!! Thank you for stopping by our blog. It is lovely to have a new follower. We have connected to your blog also!
    I have never heard of a Siberian cat…..very beautiful tho’….
    My Sister has a Burmese named Nigeria & she is ‘all u in the family business’ alot!! very chatty & so engaging!! In fact she talks far more than my Nylablue who is very quiet….must be the Birman in her….lol…
    Will stop by again soon.
    Sincerely Sherri-Ellen.

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