Why Do Cats LOVE Boxes So Much?

Why is it that cats find boxes so irresistible? Small ones large ones in fact any size would do as long as its a box. Is it because they like hiding away? Or Is it just simply because they’re cats and love being… well cats?

Cats like boxes for only a few simple reasons.

1. A box offers the feeling of security and protection.

2. A box makes the perfect place to relax all day.

3. A box is a great place to stalk prey (and their owners) while remaining virtually unseen or so they think.

4. Boxes make great toys for cats, they love jumping in and out of boxes even tipping them over sometimes.

So treat your cat and give him/her a box…

Please send photos of your cat enjoy their box, I’d love to see them 🙂


Facts about Cats

1. Cats can live up to 18-21 years.
2. Cats breed 7-10 years of their life time.
3. Cats are very clean animals.
4. Cats sleep 16 hours every day.
5. Cats make 100 different sounds.
6. 1 female cat can have 100 kittens in her life time.
7. Cats can jump up to 7 times their own length
8. Cats are the best animal beggars you get.
9. Siamese kittens are born totally white.